Magee Marsh Big Bird Week

Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler

I went to Magee Marsh for the Big Bird week and was amazed! It really was “dripping” with warblers as one article stated. I was trying to photograph the birds along with hundreds of other people. I loved it and to think this has been here for a long time and never knew about it. I will certainly be frequenting that place along with some other places in the area. This year the Big Bird Year was from May 3 through 12th. The birds migrate there and stop to feed before crossing Lake Erie and going on. It is an amazing sight!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Washing clothes day

Wash day

Part of everyday life in Amish country is wash day.  It is fun to drive through Amish country and observe all the washlines full of clothes.  I recall my mother hanging clothes on the line when I was a little girl.  It brings back good memories…the fresh smell of the clothes…canaries sitting on the line… a time gone by that lives on in Amish country. Just everyday life.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Beach at Roque Bluffs

Looking for sea glass.

This is the tenth year that my special friends in the Maine Ladies Club have been travelling to Maine.  There are seven of us.  Every year we look for a house along the coast.  We stay for a week and explore the area.  This year we stayed in Lubec, ME.  On this particular day we met a friend at her home in Machiasport, ate lunch, went kayaking, hiking in the woods, and then came to Roque Bluffs beach to look for sea glass.  Your eye is drawn around the curve as the beach continues on.  It is low tide and we found some colorful seaglass along this stretch of beach.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Through the woods....

where the moss lives...

Life is a journey.  There are many roads to choose from.  Some lead to life and some lead to nowhere.  I choose life!  God is life and love and light.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged


Choose your Wellingtons...

Sometimes we wish our life was arranged in a neat row, but it rarely is.  There are many ups and downs and messy times along the way.  Proverbs states that man makes his plans of the heart, but God weighs his motives.  Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.  Another place in Proverbs states,  He (the Lord) will make straight your paths. This picture brings back a great memory in Machias, Maine.  We were served hot tea and ginger snaps at this home after a great hike through the woods and along the rocky cliffs.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Looking through the new to the old....

Looking through the bridge...

Looking through the new and seeing the old… and remembering our travels across the older bridge.  Just like life…remembering our days gone by through the eyes of our present experiences.  If you look very close, you can see an Osprey nest near the top of the old bridge.  This is the Penobscott Bay Bridge in Maine.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Trying to feed the fish...

My granddaughter is attempting to feed the fish in a little pond at Quail Hollow State Park.  It looks like she is trying to feed herself. It’s not my usual picture of her.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

The softness of the feather and the hardness of the rocks...

The softness of the feather and the hardness of the rocks...

In an early morning hike along the rocky coast of Maine, I found this feather just lying there on the rocks, all by itself.  I mused on how it got there….did the owner spend time on the rocks looking for food, pruning itself, or did the feather drop from the sky as the bird flew along the coast?  Was this a good omen for the day?….I wanted to think so.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Follow the lights..


The tail lights and headlights make a musical dance along I-25…heading towards Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

The tide is out...

Lace, ribbons, and spools...

There are things you see when you look down…snail trails, seaweed lace, fossils, things that have gone, things to come….
little babies in bassinets…children…stones, sea glass, little flowers, graves, ….all things to see when you look down.